Classified Ads

Classified Ads

Drive more people to your membership website and increase revenue with a Classified Ads page.

Classified Ads Listings

Create A Community or Member Marketplace

With Classified Ads, your website can become an online marketplace to connect your members and community.

Monetize Posts / Membership Benefit

Here are some ways your organization can decide to monetize a classified ads page:

  • Only allow members to view ads as a membership privilege
  • Charge a posting fee for users to create ads
  • Only charge non-members for posting ads or offer members a discounted posting rate
  • Only allow members to create ads as a membership benefit
  • Upsell higher membership levels by including the opportunity to post ads for free or at a discounted rate for those levels
Post Board
Manage Ads

Simplify Classified Ads Administration

Allow Members to Manage Their Own Ads

You can allow members to update, renew or remove their ads themselves. Members can also track the number of views and clicks their ads have received on your website.

Approve New Ads

You can require admin approval for new ads. If you require approval, an email confirmation can be automatically sent when the ad is approved.

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Classified Ads Plugin For Your Website

Easily plugin a Classified Ads page to your website - we integrate with WordPress, Weebly, SquareSpace, W/O Code, Wix, Duda and other HTML5 websites.

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All Classified Ads Features

Automatically expire ads after set number of days

Allow or not allow members to refresh their own ads

Require or not require member only access to view ads

Require or not require member only access to post ad

Require or not require admin approval to display ad

Require or not require posting fee

Offer member discounts for posting fee

Create discount codes for posting fee

Allow or not allow members to pay using card on file

Allow or not allow offline payments

Members can track clicks and views on their own ads

Members can edit their own ads

Members can cancel their own ads

Customize post ad form

Add custom fields to form

Customize tags

Customize display HTML

Customize search filters

Customize email receipts

Customize ad approved notification email

Enable admin email notification on new post

Set page to redirect to after user creates a new post

Set checkout actions to attach labels/folders to user's account

Admin can track clicks and views on ads

Admin can add ads

Admin can edit ads

Admin can issue partial or full refunds for posting fee

Admin can void ads

Admin can refresh ads

Admin can preview ads

Admin can record payment received if offline payments enabled

Admin can export ad data to CSV file

Admin can export payments to QuickBooks, Xero or CSV file

Primary admin can grant or not grant access to boards for each secondary admin