Member Directory

Member Directory

Your members should be represented on your website with more than a list of names from a database. Create a better impression for your members and a more dynamic experience for your website visitors!

Member Directory Profile

Member Profile Template

Visual & Interactive

Your website visitors will appreciate the wealth of information in your member profiles.

Advanced Customization

Customize the member profile template by adding, removing or moving tabs and boxes with our drag and drop interface.

Access Control

Give access to member profiles for just members, or provide incremental access based on membership levels or labels.

Member Directory Map

Interactive Map

Your website visitors can search and zoom in on members in any location, and click directly to their profiles from the popup previews.

Multiple Locations

Your business and organization members can list multiple locations and contacts within their member profile. Every location is displayed on the map and included in geo search.

Directory Map
Keyword Search

Keyword Search

Our proven directory search engine powers your member directory, delivering relevant search results to your website visitors by recognizing related words and ranking search results using keywords and phrases in member profiles.

Geo Member Search

Geo Search

If your members span a wide geographic area, your website visitors can search by location and distance to quickly focus in on a local area.

Member Data Fields

Faceted Search

Customize directory search to allow search by labels or any specified field including custom fields. Faceted search can be stacked with keyword and geo search to perform complex searches on your membership database.

Member Deals

Member Deals

Provide value to your website visitors, and generate leads for your members, with member deals for your community!

Member deals are a great asset to help drive traffic to your website. Your members see increased ROI on their membership by being able to advertise through your organization, with easy access online to create and manage their deals through their account.


Safeguard Member Email List

To protect your members from spam and in compliance with the CAN-SPAM act, your member's email addresses are not displayed in their directory profile. Our messaging system provides a way for legitimate visitors to contact your members without first revealing the member's email addresses.

Member Recommendations

Member Recommendations

Member recommendations are valuable lead-generators for businesses. We make it easy for your website visitors to leave a simple "thumbs up" or provide a more detailed testimonial for your members.

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