Membership Administrator

All-In-One Membership Software

Built-in features provide a membership management solution with the power and flexibility not possible with separate systems/plugins:

Member Management & Database
Online Payments & QuickBooks/Xero Export
Event Calendar & Registration
Member Directory
Donations, Shopping Cart, Forms
Member Only Content

Smart, Flexible, Easy-To-Use

A membership management software platform should help streamline your workflow and integrate easily with your website.
But above all, it should be backed by free, friendly service.
More than 10,000 organizations have chosen MembershipWorks over other platforms.

Financial Dashboard
EmailPhoneSchedule Training

Support & Training Included

There is no added cost for support - email, call or schedule a one-on-one screen-share training when you need help.

Our Pricing & 30 Day Guarantee

Membership Management Tools

Custom Fields

Custom Fields

Customize your membership database with information that you need. Create admin only fields or allow members to access fields.

Smart Member Search

Smart Member Search

Search for your members by name, keywords, labels or custom fields, so you can quickly locate the members you are looking for.

Labels and Folders

Labels & Folders

Stay organized by using labels and folders to group or segment your members into chapters, committees, specialties and more.

Email Member List

Email Member List

Send an email at any time to all of your members, or any group of members from your search results, report or label/folder.

Member Sign Up

Online Membership Forms

Let members signup, renew and update their profiles on your website. Easily customize and embed the forms on your WordPress, Squarespace, Weebly, Without Code or other HTML5 website:

WordPressSquareSpaceWeeblyWithout CodeWeebly

Membership CRM

Timeline lets you see a member's history at a glance - notes, payment history, donations, events, and more. Timeline is integrated with the billing system and event registration pages, to automatically record payments, membership renewals, and event registration/attendance.

Membership CRM
Member Sign Up

Membership Emails & Reports

Automated Member Emails

New member welcome email, payment receipts, upcoming renewal and past due notices are sent out automatically to your members.

Daily Administrator Email Report

Keep tabs on your organization with a daily email that lets you know of membership activity that day.

Data Access & Security

Multiple Admins

Multiple Administrators & Access*

  • Unlimited secondary administrators

    Provide access to as many administrators as you need.

  • Limit access by folders

    Give read or read/write access to specific folders.

  • Limit access to dashboard & financials

    Limit by accessible folders, or give access to just financials.

  • Limit access to events management, forms and shopping carts

    Grant access to just events or specific forms/carts.


Enterprise Grade Security & Redundancy

  • Triple redundancy

    Data replicated to 3 servers to safeguard against hardware failure.

  • Daily backups

    Data backed up daily to long term storage.

  • High speed in-memory databases

    Best-in-class response to maximize productivity and conversion rates.

  • Layered security and firewalls

    Protect against data loss and intrusion.

* Multiple administrators are available only on paid plans.