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Easily build a full-featured membership website by adding MembershipWorks snippets to Squarespace pages. No code knowledge required.

Squarespace Membership Snippet

The Best Membership Software for Squarespace

Create a robust and interactive membership site quickly with Squarespace and the MembershipWorks membership system.
Deliver more member value with features that encourage engagement:

Membership SoftwareMembership Management Member DirectoryMember Directory Event CalendarEvent Calendar & Registrations Online PaymentsOnline Payments Donations Carts FormsDonations, Carts & Forms Job BoardJob Board Announcement BoardAnnouncement Board Classified AdsClassified Ads Members OnlyMembers Only Content/Items
Integrated Membership And Events

All-In-One Management & Reporting

Because these features are all part of the same membership software system, you can provide greater member value in offering member only access to not just content, but also member only access to events, event registrations, items, job board listings, announcements, classified ads and more. You can also earn non-dues revenue through job posting fees, membership add-ons, donations and more.

Member activity can also be measured and tracked in one platform, so administrators save time too when they do not have to import and export member data between multiple plugins.

Advanced Squarespace Membership Plugin

The advantages of creating a membership website with MembershipWorks and Squarespace include:

  • Unlimited, free support for MembershipWorks, including live screen share training.
  • Increased member value and opportunities for non-dues revenue.
  • Integration with QuickBooks, Xero, MailChimp and more.
  • Compatibility with Google Analytics.
  • Choice of payment processing through Paypal Pro, Stripe and Authorize.net.
Xero QuickBooks Google Analytics MailChimp
Fluid And Responsive

Dynamic, Fluid & Fully Responsive

MembershipWorks is fully fluid and responsive, so it looks great on desktop, tablet and mobile devices and works with most templates!

Fast, Secure & Portable

Your sensitive membership data is stored on our secure triple redundant database. And you can easily change to a different template or content management system without impacting your membership data.

Continuously Improved

MembershipWorks is continually upgrading and improving, so you always have the most up-to-date software and the latest features, without updating or upgrading your server.

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Support For Setup & Integration

Whether you are having trouble setting up MembershipWorks or integrating our system with your Squarespace website, we are here to help!

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Squarespace Membership Plugin
Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, you have two options -- use a plugin or pay for Squarespace Member Areas. Both enable you to bill members on a recurring basis for memberships or subscriptions. With either option can easily create member only pages and blogs. Until recently, you had to use a plugin to add memberships to a Squarespace website.

There are some financial drawbacks to using Member Areas versus a website plugin*:

  • Squarespace charges a monthly fee of $9 and up that is added to their base price.
  • Squarespace adds on a per-transaction fee for every membership (up to 7% depending upon your plan); these fees are in addition to what your payment gateway charges to process transactions.
  • Squarespace's Member Areas do not integrate with MailChimp or a similar platform. Should you ever decide to move your website to a different platform, your members, email marketing system and historical data would not move with you.

There are also some administrative drawbacks to using Squarespace Member Areas versus a plugin. To avoid mistakes and increase security, it's a best practice to set admin permissions as restrictively as possible. When using a plugin like MembershipWorks, you can provide your membership manager or chair with access to membership data while preventing them from being able to edit the rest of your website.

When using MembershipWorks with Squarespace, you can choose from Squarespace's attractive template families. Your membership data and records will be easy to move to another content management system (CMS) later if you choose to do so. To actually build your website, you can choose to hire a designer or do it yourself; neither MembershipWorks nor Squarespace requires coding knowledge.

* As of this publication date.

MembershipWorks makes it affordable and easy to build membership sites. Existing organization websites can add the MembershipWorks plugin to create a membership site without having to go through a redesign. Or you can choose a platform like Squarespace to use along with the MembershipWorks plugin. MembershipWorks' ease of integration and flexibility in working on a number of different content management systems sets it apart.

When it comes to features, MembershipWorks most-used features include:

  • Membership forms.
  • Membership database.
  • Automated payment reminders and online payment processing.
  • Public or private member directories.
  • Online event registration and event calendar, including member and non-member ticketing.
  • Online forms and shopping carts.
  • Job boards.
  • Announcement boards.
  • Donation forms.
  • Members only content.

Integrations are important when considering membership programs. MembershipWorks has a growing list in its integrations directory which include accounting software such as Quickbooks and Xero and email marketing through MailChimp.

Don't have a lot of members yet? That's not a problem as you can use the 50 Free plan with MembershipWorks to start taking membership payments without paying any fees aside from what your payment gateway charges you to process transactions. While there are some limitations with the free plan, it's a great way to get started.

MembershipWorks offers unlimited, free support to all of its customers.

As Squarespace doesn't always offer all the features an organization may need, plugins are a great way to extend the functionality of a Squarespace website. Squarespace calls plugins like MembershipWorks “extensions.” Extensions are offered and maintained by third parties, not Squarespace. When evaluating extensions, it's important to evaluate the support options available from the extension provider as Squarespace does not provide support on extensions. MembershipWorks offers unlimited, free support.

Using a membership plugin makes it simple to add memberships to Squarespace. Adding a sign-up form, event calendar, job bank, or member directory, is as easy as creating a page and pasting an HTML snippet onto the page. Your website visitors will not be taken off your site at any time to complete their transaction or interact with your organization. The entire process of joining, registering for an event, or using any other membership feature is seamless.

Note that you'll need a Squarespace Business Plan to be able to add MembershipWorks snippets to your site.

The Business and Commerce plans on Squarespace are compatible with MembershipWorks. These plans include the ability to add Code Blocks that contain JavaScript. Note that no code knowledge is needed to set up or add MembershipWorks HTML snippets to Squarespace. It's simply a matter of copying and pasting snippets of code that we provide in our help documentation.

At its most basic level, a membership plugin is a website service that businesses or a non-profit can add to their website to collect money for memberships. These plugins usually provide other features such as member directories, a job bank, online donations, forms, shopping carts, event management, and more. One of the main features of membership plugins is the ability to control access to member only content.

Associations, chambers of commerce, societies and other groups will add membership plugins to their organization websites as a tool to reduce administrative tasks associated with managing members and payments. For example, instead of staff handling offline data entry, members can create and edit their own entries using website forms. Organizations like chambers also save time and money by not producing printed business directories when they can offer an online directory.