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Easily build a full-featured membership website by adding MembershipWorks snippets to Weebly pages. No code knowledge required.

* Cannot be used with Weebly + Square Online Store websites. Click here for more information.

Weebly Membership Code Snippet

The Best Membership Software for Weebly

Create a robust and interactive membership site quickly with Weebly and the MembershipWorks membership system.
Deliver more member value with features that encourage engagement:

Membership SoftwareMembership Management Member DirectoryMember Directory Event CalendarEvent Calendar & Registrations Online PaymentsOnline Payments Donations Carts FormsDonations, Carts & Forms Job BoardJob Board Announcement BoardAnnouncement Board Classified AdsClassified Ads Members OnlyMembers Only Content/Items
Integrated Membership And Events

All-In-One Management & Reporting

Because these features are all part of the same membership software system, you can provide greater member value in offering member only access to not just content, but also member only access to events, event registrations, items, job board listings, announcements, classified ads and more. You can also earn non-dues revenue through job posting fees, membership add-ons, donations and more.

Member activity can also be measured and tracked in one platform, so administrators save time too when they do not have to import and export member data between multiple plugins.

Advanced Weebly Membership Plugin

The advantages of creating a membership website with MembershipWorks and Weebly include:

  • Unlimited, free support for MembershipWorks, including live screen share training.
  • Increased member value and opportunities for non-dues revenue.
  • Integration with QuickBooks, Xero, MailChimp and more.
  • Compatibility with Google Analytics.
  • Choice of payment processing through Paypal Pro, Stripe and Authorize.net.
Xero QuickBooks Google Analytics MailChimp
Fluid And Responsive

Dynamic, Fluid & Fully Responsive

MembershipWorks is fully fluid and responsive, so it looks great on desktop, tablet and mobile devices and works with most templates!

Fast, Secure & Portable

Your sensitive membership data is stored on our secure triple redundant database. And you can easily change to a different template or content management system without impacting your membership data.

Continuously Improved

MembershipWorks is continually upgrading and improving, so you always have the most up-to-date software and the latest features, without updating or upgrading your server.

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Support For Setup & Integration

Whether you are having trouble setting up MembershipWorks or integrating our system with your Weebly website, we are here to help!

Get started with MembershipWorks today

Weebly Membership Plugin
Frequently Asked Questions

With MembershipWorks, you can create a member login form that hides content on any Weebly web page from general website visitors as well as members whose memberships have expired. See how easy it is to add an HTML snippet to any page that you want to be protected. Once a member is logged in, they'll be able to access other pages that require login without logging in again. You can also customize your login form to only allow members of specific membership levels or other criteria to see a given page.

Using MembershipWorks, you can add people to a membership directory or provide them with access to your members only content. The directory and member only pages can be displayed on your Weebly site. You can add MembershipWorks join forms to your website to allow people to add themselves as either free or paid members. If you have an existing member list, you can add people by importing them with a spreadsheet. Membership programs with features like this can help you get up and running quickly. Providing member directories and member areas are also a great way to add member value.

Membership sites don't have to be expensive. You can control costs by using a platform like Weebly to do the web design yourself. Weebly allows you to build a website without knowing how to code. With Weebly, most of your costs will be incurred on an ongoing basis.

Ongoing Fees:

  • Website hosting - Weebly charges anywhere from $6-$9 per month and up for their platform. Hosting is one of the primary services that they provide.
  • Domain name registration - Domain name registration fees are charged on an ongoing basis and generally run around $20 annually if you pay through Weebly.
  • SSL certificate - Weebly does not charge extra for SSL security; the price is included in their fees.
  • Membership software or membership site plugin - With MembershipWorks, a startup nonprofit with few members could have free membership management software until they reach 50 members. Pricing begins at $29/month for plans that allow up to 300 members and offer more features such as paid event registration. Some membership plugins charge startup fees, but MembershipWorks does not.
  • Payment gateway fees - Gateway providers like Authorize.net, Stripe and PayPal Pro help you accept credit card payments on your website and then they transfer that money to your bank account. Expect to pay around 2.9% plus $.30 per transaction. Qualified nonprofits can request lower fees on some gateways. Some gateway providers charge monthly fees of $30-$40 or more. See our gateway comparison article.
  • Additional per transaction fees - Some membership plugins have a business model of charging per-transaction fees on top of payment gateway fees. MembershipWorks does not charge these fees. Read closely when researching options to avoid these types of fees.
  • raining and support fees - Not all membership software charges fees for ongoing support. Some providers will charge these fees according to the number of administrators who can access support services. MembershipWorks does not charge any fees for training or support; anyone on your team can reach out.

Up Front Fees:

  • Content writing and images - If you are not writing your pages yourself, the cost to hire a writer will vary depending upon their skill level and experience. If you don't already have photos, you can turn to stock photos. Some pictures may be available for free, but better ones will cost around $15 per photo and up. For a higher-end look, hire a photographer to shoot headshots of staff and other photos of your organization in action.
  • Website design - If you use a designer, you can ask them to provide a website package quote.

The most simple way to add a database to a website -- whether it is Weebly or another type of site -- is to add a membership plugin. Once it is set up, you can add a member signup form to your site. On the back end, administrators will be able to add, edit and accept members.

Most membership plugins are designed to make creating a member database a smooth and easy process. To save you some work, MembershipWorks is pre-populated with common fields that members would fill out when signing up, but custom fields are also available. Plugins provide the basic elements to create a good membership experience:

  • A member login to help members to make renewal payments and edit their profile.
  • A login form to restrict access member only content.
  • A member join form with various levels of paid and free memberships.

More robust member databases like MembershipWorks also offer features that integrate the membership side of the system with other functions:

  • Event registration system with online calendars.
  • Public or private member directories.
  • Members only events and event tickets.
  • Shopping cart with member and non-member pricing.
  • Community calendar where members can add events.
  • Member-only forms.
  • Job bank.
  • Announcements board.
  • Classified ads board.
  • Contact form.

When choosing a membership database plugin, you may want to consider the portability of the plugin in case you decide to later move your website to a different content management system (CMS). Some membership plugin options work on only one platform while others like MembershipWorks offer more flexibility in the choice of platforms. Some organizations like to avoid starting from scratch -- they don't want to launch a new membership system and a new website at the same time. If you fall in that category, look for a system like MembershipWorks that won't force you to re-create your website in a new CMS.

MembershipWorks cannot be used with Weebly + Square Online Store websites. Learn how to choose the correct plan to work with MembershipWorks.