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Easily build a full-featured membership website by adding MembershipWorks shortcodes to WordPress pages.

Administrative pages are fully integrated into the WordPress dashboard, so all front-end and back-end functions can be accessed right from your website.

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The Best Membership Software for WordPress

Create a robust and interactive membership site quickly with WordPress and the MembershipWorks membership system.
Deliver more member value with features that encourage engagement:

Membership SoftwareMembership Management Member DirectoryMember Directory Event CalendarEvent Calendar & Registrations Online PaymentsOnline Payments Donations Carts FormsDonations, Carts & Forms Job BoardJob Board Announcement BoardAnnouncement Board Classified AdsClassified Ads Members OnlyMembers Only Content/Items
Integrated Membership And Events

All-In-One Management & Reporting

Because these features are all part of the same membership software system, you can provide greater member value in offering member only access to not just content, but also member only access to events, event registrations, items, job board listings, announcements, classified ads and more. You can also earn non-dues revenue through job posting fees, membership add-ons, donations and more.

Member activity can also be measured and tracked in one platform, so administrators save time too when they do not have to import and export member data between multiple plugins.

Advanced WordPress Membership Plugin

The advantages of creating a membership website with MembershipWorks and WordPress include:

  • Unlimited, free support for MembershipWorks, including live screen share training.
  • Increased member value and opportunities for non-dues revenue.
  • Integration with QuickBooks, Xero, MailChimp and more.
  • Compatibility with Google Analytics.
  • Choice of payment processing through Paypal Pro, Stripe and Authorize.net.
Xero QuickBooks Google Analytics MailChimp
Fluid And Responsive

Dynamic, Fluid & Fully Responsive

MembershipWorks is fully fluid and responsive, so it looks great on desktop, tablet and mobile devices and works with most templates!

Fast, Secure & Portable

Your sensitive membership data is stored on our secure triple redundant database. And you can easily change to a different template or content management system without impacting your membership data.

Continuously Improved

MembershipWorks is continually upgrading and improving, so you always have the most up-to-date software and the latest features, without updating or upgrading your server.

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Support For Setup & Integration

Whether you are having trouble setting up MembershipWorks or integrating our system with your WordPress website, we are here to help!

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WordPress Membership Plugin
Frequently Asked Questions

Installing a membership management plugin like MembershipWorks allows you to add features to your site such as member sign up forms, recurring dues payments, donation forms, online event registration, shopping carts, event calendars, a job bank, member directories, member only content, and more. With an all-in-one membership system, you'll be able to also track member activity across your website. After you install the plugin, you'll build a page for each feature you want to add and will paste the feature's shortcode onto the page. Members will be able to create their own profiles and pay for membership. Administrators can access reporting tools, approve members, create events and more. You don't need any code knowledge to use the MembershipWorks wordpress membership plugin.

If you have administrator permissions in WordPress, you can install and activate a membership plugin like MembershipWorks. After you've set up your account and configured your payment gateway, you can add shortcodes on various pages throughout your site to implement features such as your join form, member login page, member only content, shopping cart, job band, member directory, and more. With further configuration, you can customize your forms to add and remove fields that meet your organization's needs. Your membership site visitors will have a seamless experience as they remain on your site and are not taken to another website to complete transactions. While some membership plugins host member data within WordPress, others such as MembershipWorks maintain the platform and host the membership details for you for added security and peace of mind.

MembershipWorks makes it easy to add membership features to a new or existing WordPress website. If you already have a WordPress site, our membership software allows you to skip the step of building a whole new site or moving your content library to a platform that you may be unfamiliar with.

It's important to note that while MembershipWorks is installed like a plugin, it's actually a Software as a Service (SaaS). This means that your member data is professionally stored and managed outside of WordPress on our triple-redundant servers for added security and your peace of mind.

Other advantages of creating a membership website with MembershipWorks with WordPress include:

  • Unlimited, free support.
  • Easy copy-and-paste integration with shortcodes and widgets.
  • Does not use iframes to add membership features to your site.
  • An integrated event system allows you to create member only tickets.
  • The ability to charge members for an add-on on top of membership such as an advertisement, donation, or other fee.
  • Integration with Quickbooks and Xero.
  • Integration with Mailchimp, the best-in-class solution for sending communications to your email list.
  • Allows you to use one of three payment gateways (see our article comparing Stripe, Authorize.net and PayPal Pro).
  • Does not charge additional transaction fees on top of fees charged by gateways.

Using an easy membership plugin like MembershipWorks gives administrators a number of tools to see membership information at a glance or in greater detail. Organizations can quickly view:

  • Signups.
  • Renewals.
  • Past due members.
  • Form submissions.
  • Event registration activity.

Administrative users can search for members and view member Timelines to see past and current activity recorded within MembershipWorks. Groups such as chambers of commerce, societies and professional organizations with existing members can import them using spreadsheets.

Membership plugins automate the renewal process so administrators don't need to send out renewal notices. Organizations using auto recurring payment options offer members a frictionless renewal experience. Members can log into their own accounts to pay online, update their contact information, create a directory listing, add events to a community calendar or post jobs, announcements and ads on your website.

Admins can communicate with members on an individual or group basis. Our free or Premium MailChimp integration is recommended for sending group emails. MailChimp offers superior design and tracking features.

It's as simple as signing up for a free or paid plan with MembershipWorks. You can opt to use your existing WordPress website. We'll email you instructions to follow after you sign up. You can also visit our Get Started website to be walked through the process. Our support team is available for unlimited free training and support by phone, email and one-on-one screen share to help you overcome questions and issues.

It's easy to add a member directory to your WordPress website. You'll need to install a plugin like MembershipWorks that includes membership features and a directory. If you already have members, you can import them by spreadsheet into MembershipWorks. If you are a new organization, you can customize your join form in MembershipWorks and then add the join form shortcode to a page on your site to start enrolling members. You can automatically add members to your directory after they sign up or choose to screen them first before they appear in the directory.

If you are using WordPress.com to host your website, you will need the Business account or higher level plan to be able to install the MembershipWorks plugin. The Personal and Premium plans on wordpress.com do not allow you to install plugins.