WordPress Members Only Area

You can restrict content on any page or post from general website visitors as well as members whose memberships have expired (immediately or after a specific period of time). Access can be restricted to specific membership levels, labels or folders.

Non-members or members who are not signed in will see a login form that prompts them to sign in to view the web page content. Members whose memberships are expired, or who do not have the required level of access will see an appropriate message indicating that they do not have access.

Member Only Shortcode

The [memberonly] shortcode

Use the [memberonly] shortcode on any page to restrict the content below the shortcode to members. You can also specify access for a group of members by membership levels or labels.

Any content placed above the shortcode will be publicly visible, allowing you to provide a teaser of the valuable content you provide for your members. You can also use one or more [memberonly] ... [/memberonly] enclosing blocks to hide different sections of content on the page.