Your Account Has Been Suspended

Please note that:

  • All MembershipWorks (membership/event/donation) forms are disabled.
  • All automated renewal notices and scheduled Timeline emails will be disabled.
  • Admin area (including reporting and accounting export) is disabled.
  • Existing member, event, forms/carts/donations data and all your configuration/settings are retained and will be available when you re-activate your account.
  • If you've setup membership email notifications, we will continue to deliver the membership summary emails for any membership activity that occurs.
  • Any existing members who are on automatic recurring billing will continue to be charged by your payment gateway, and they will receive the payment receipts from MembershipWorks.
  • If you need to cancel automatic billing for a member please do so directly from your payment gateway (Stripe, Paypal or

You can re-activate your account at any time by signing in to your account, going to Organization Settings and clicking on "Renew, Upgrade or Update Billing". Any unused billing period will be pro-rated accordingly.

If you suspended your account in error, please email us at to request the suspension be reversed.