Request Account Suspension

Suspending your account will disable all membership/event/forms services but we will continue to store all your settings/configurations, and all existing member, event, forms/carts/donations data. There is a small fee to suspend your account, and you can re-activate your account at any time.

For customers with website hosting, the website server will remain active so your website search rankings will not be affected, but all membership/event/forms services will be disabled.

While your account is suspended:

  • All MembershipWorks (membership/event/donation) forms are disabled.
  • All automated renewal notices and scheduled Timeline emails will be disabled.
  • Admin area (including reporting and accounting export) is disabled.
  • If you've setup membership email notification, we will continue to deliver the membership summary emails for any membership activity that occurs.

Before suspending your account please export all information you may need as you will not be able to access the admin area once your account is suspended.

If you have any existing members who are on automatic recurring billing, they will continue to be charged by your payment gateway. If you wish to suspend/cancel automatic billing for your members you may wish to consider doing so before suspending your account. If you need to cancel automatic billing for a member while your account is suspended you will need to do so directly from your payment gateway (Stripe, Paypal or