MembershipWorks is a comprehensive membership and event management system. The following matrix provides an overview of some of our features, click on any feature to learn more!


Membership Form Template

One-page member sign up and more, designed to maximize sign up rates.

Subscription Billing

Collect your membership dues online with Paypal or Stripe!

Subscription Management

Offer multiple membership subscription billing options - automatic, online, offline and lifetime.

Membership Tax

Collect taxes on membership dues.

Group Members

Group your members by committees, industry, area, languages, and more using Labels!

Member Tracking

Use folders to track expired members, prospective members, sponsors and more!

Member Contacts

Store multiple business locations, family members, business contacts, and more under each member account.

Create Email Group

Email all members, new members, renewing members, or any group of members.

Members Email

View complete email history for each member and contact.

Member List

Export information to a spreadsheet for all members or any group of members.

Membership CRM

View a member's history with your organization and track notes and activity for each member.

Smart Search

Quickly locate your member by first name, last name, notes, profile, membership level, labels and more!

Notification Email

Be notified of new member signups, bad member email addresses and more!

Renewal Notice

Automatically send upcoming renewal and past-due renewal notices by email

Email Receipt

Automatically send payment receipts by email

Member Profile

Connect your members to your website directory with rich and customizable member profiles
Advanced privacy settings for each member's directory listing Self-service member account access to update profile, deals and payment method Customize signup form, member self-service form and administrative view Customize your member database with custom fields All member addresses are parsed using Google Maps Import and update your members using spreadsheets Track new memberships, upcoming renewals, recent renewals, and past-due members Track statistics by labels and membership levels Chart financial information over any time period Export invoices, payments and fees to QuickBooks or to a spreadsheet Advanced security and privacy settings for each label and membership level Create private membership levels Enterprise grade hosting with triple redundancy and backups

Members Directory

Business Card Directory

Let your members shine with digital business cards featuring the member logo and business tagline
Infinitely scrolling results without the need to click from page to page

Directory Template System

Our directory template system lets you create rich member profiles with member logo, member photos, social media links, profile description, member links, and more
Share profiles by email or social media Recommendations

Member Deals

Let your members reach out to your community, and drive traffic to your website with member deals

Directory Map

Display your members on a interactive map with popup previews

Map Multiple Locations

Members can list multiple locations in their member profile and directory map

Directory Search Engine

Search by any keyword, with smart search and ranking algorithm

Geo Search

Let website visitors search your member directory by location and distance

Faceted Search

Let website visitors search your member directory by categories or membership levels
Create interactive search actions on your website

Safeguard Member Email List

Safeguard your member emails and comply with CAN-SPAM act with our intelligent messaging system
Embed directory or deals page on other sites with advanced responsive HTML5 javascript widget (not iframe) Enable RFQ feature by letting visitors request quotes from multiple members Advanced SEO with pagespeed optimization, meta tags and Local Business Rich Snippets Event pages attributed to your domain (no iframe or sub-domain) Google Analytics compatible Members can sign in and manage their directory profiles Directory is updated in real-time when changes are made

Event System

Display events on a calendar or as a list Infinitely scrolling calendar eliminates having to click month-to-month Hovering over event in calendar brings up instant preview Instantly filter events by categories Color code your events by category Display event venue and map Share events by email or social media Setup event registration start and end times Limit event capacity Create paid or free tickets Limit number of tickets available Limit number of tickets per registration Create individual or group tickets Accept online ticket payments with Stripe or Paypal One page event registration reduces checkout abandonment Instant event registration confirmation email with iCalendar attachment Create custom event registration questions Customize the event registration confirmation email Receive notification of new event registrations to 1 or more email addresees Override notification email addresees for specific events Export registration information to a spreadsheet Export invoices, payments and fees to Quickbooks Email all event registrants Check-in attendees at events Edit, void & refund a registration Cancel & refund entire event Automatic email and iCalendar update to your event attendees when times or location change Drag & Drop to repeat or copy an event Embed event page or event registration form on other sites with advanced responsive HTML5 javascript widget (not iframe) Member registration or check-in are automatically recorded to their timelines Allow members to submit events to your calendar by category with advanced access settings Advanced SEO with pagespeed optimization, meta tags and Event Rich Snippets Event pages attributed to your domain (no iframe or sub-domain) Google Analytics compatible Fully responsive and mobile friendly


WordPress Content Management System Dedicated virtual server Dedicated IP address Use your own domain name Web interface for installing SSL certificates 20GB storage Unlimited bandwidth WordPress Themes

Fast WordPress Themes

PageSpeed optimized to increase visitor retention, engagement & Conversion
Advanced SEO with page url, page title, meta tags, structured data, authorship Restrict pages and content to members