Squarespace Member Login & Member Only Content

You can create a member login form that hides content on any Squarespace web page from general website visitors as well as members whose memberships have expired (immediately or after a certain period of time). Content access can be restricted to specific membership levels, labels or folders.

Non-members or members who are not signed in will see a login form that prompts them to sign in to view the restricted content. Members whose memberships are expired, or who do not have the required level of access will see an appropriate message indicating that they do not have access. Learn more about our Squarespace membership plugin.


How to add a member login to a Squarespace page

From MembershipWorks, navigate to Help > Basics & Setup > Squarespace, Weebly, HTML5 > Creating Member Only Pages. Select the embed code "Hide content from users without specific labels/folders", then click on the membership levels, labels and folders that you want to provide access for.

Then copy the embed code that is generated in the yellow box:


In Squarespace, insert a block just above the content that you want to hide from non-members:


Select a CODE block:


Then paste the embed code you obtained from MembershipWorks and click "Apply":


After adding the snippet to your page, you should test visiting the page in an incognito window or a browser that you are not signed in as an admin to ensure the member only content on the page is hidden. Repeat this process on other pages that should require member login.

Learn more: