Why MembershipWorks is a Great GlueUp Alternative

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MembershipWorks vs. GlueUp

MembershipWorks icon GlueUp alternative

Looking for a GlueUp Alternative?

MembershipWorks is a popular nonprofit membership management software alternative to GlueUp. MembershipWorks offers many similar features, but at a cheaper price.

Why MembershipWorks is better than GlueUp

  1. Price: MembershipWorks pricing starts at $0 ($35/month for a paid plan) while GlueUp’s lowest cost plan is $125 per month. Not all features are available on GlueUp’s cheapest plan, while MembershipWorks offers the same features on all paid plans.
  2. Email marketing: MembershipWorks integrates with MailChimp, a best-in-class email communications platform. With GlueUp, you’ll be using their integrated messaging system. Integrated email software often lacks features, usability, and innovations when compared to companies like MailChimp whose primary focus is on email marketing.
  3. Website and design flexibility: GlueUp requires that you build your website within their membership platform. Should you decide to stop using GlueUp, moving to another membership system will be difficult as you’ll not only have to migrate member data but will also need to rebuild your website. MembershipWorks allows you to pick from popular website builders such as WordPress, Squarespace, Weebly, Wix and more. With MembershipWorks, you can change to another compatible builder at any time.
  4. Less disruption, less to learn: Many MembershipWorks customers keep their existing websites. This allows staff to focus on learning new membership software and to avoid feeling overwhelmed by learning too many new things at once. If your organization is using MailChimp, you can keep using that system as well.
  5. Better support: MembershipWorks offers free, unlimited one-on-one screen share training as well as support by phone and email. The company and support team are based in Texas.
  6. Features: GlueUp is a fit for organizations who need an integrated LMS and CPE tracking, but it does not offer a shopping cart or online classifieds.


MembershipWorks vs. GlueUp Comparison Chart
MembershipWorks GlueUp
Price per month starts at $0; paid plans start at $35 $125
Setup Fee $0 $0
Additional per-transaction charges (beyond payment gateway fees) $0 $0
Member Only Content Yes Yes
Directory Yes Yes
Event Calendar / Registration Yes Yes
Classifieds Yes No
Job Board Yes Yes
Announcement Board or Forum Yes Yes
Donations (aside from memberships that are donations) Yes Yes
Shopping Cart Yes No
CMS compatibility WordPress, Weebly, Squarespace, Wix, Duda, WithoutCode, Drupal, Joomla, Spacecraft, HTML5 sites Requires their custom CMS
Key Integrations MailChimp, Quickbooks Online and Desktop, Xero Quickbooks, Xero, API
Payment Gateways Stripe,, PayPal Stripe, Adapay
Support Phone, email, live screen share training Email, chat, phone
Admin seats on paid plans Unlimited Unknown

Note that pricing and features may change from the information we have gathered here. Providers regularly evolve their product offerings and price points.

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