MembershipWorks Alternatives

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See how the top membership management systems compare to MembershipWorks. No one wants software that’s a bad fit. Discover the best platform for your organization, even if it’s a MembershipWorks alternative.

Membership Software Comparisons

How to choose the right membership software

Many organizations start the process of choosing a membership platform by making a list of “must have” and “nice to have” features. It’s helpful to make a comparison chart in a spreadsheet where you can also note important differences such as price, fees, setup costs, integrations, support options, and more. It’s also a great idea to read membership software reviews to get an idea about what other customers think. We’ve done your homework for you! Check out our guides:

Membership Software Glossary Terms

While the term “database” refers to the stored member data, some people use the term membership database interchangeably with membership software. Membership software like MembershipWorks provides both the interface to display and work with the data as well as the member database.
CRM is an acronym for Customer Relationship Management. Software that helps you manage and track the relationship with your members is CRM software. For example, membership CRM software like MembershipWorks provides methods to help you record and report on your organization’s interactions with your members.
The term “system” often describes a set of interconnected software. In the context of all-in-one membership software, the system goes beyond membership management to also include event management, donations, shopping cart, web forms, job boards, and more. These features are often offered separately as their own software, like JotForms for forms or DonorBox for donations. However, a connected system like MembershipWorks can provide a variety of advantages that are not possible when using separate software for each feature. Some examples include:

  • Member only event tickets
  • Discounts and content access based on membership level
  • Combined reporting across features
  • Smooth, automatic integration between features

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