Why MembershipWorks is a Better MemberSpace Alternative

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MembershipWorks vs. MemberSpace

MembershipWorks icon MemberSpace alternative

Looking for a MemberSpace Alternative?

MembershipWorks has a more robust built-in feature set than MemberSpace and does not charge additional transaction fees of 5% per transaction. MembershipWorks customers can use their all-in-one membership software to go beyond selling memberships. They can also quickly add built-in event registration, event calendars, member directories, shopping carts, forms, and more. MemberSpace’s primary focus is on password protection of website content; MembershipWorks also offers members only content.

Why MembershipWorks is better than MemberSpace

  1. No added transaction fees. MemberSpace adds a transaction fee of 5% to credit card transactions. This fee is on top of the fees that Stripe charges, which is currently 2.9% plus $.30 per transaction (Stripe offers lower rates for nonprofit customers who request them). So for each membership you sell, you could be losing close to 8% to fees. With MembershipWorks, the only per-transaction fees you are charged come from your payment gateway.
  2. Phone support and live, one-on-one screen share training. MemberSpace only offers email support and limited group support events. These events require advance reservations. MembershipWorks customers can access free, unlimited phone support (weekdays 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. US Central Time) and can request free one-on-one screen share training sessions. These modes of support save customer time and resolve issues much more quickly.
  3. Event registration. Not every member-based organization needs event registration capabilities, but most do, especially nonprofits, associations, chambers, and other groups that have in-person and online events. MemberSpace does not offer built in event registration or an online calendar while MembershipWorks does. Membership software that includes event functionality allows you to sell member and nonmember event tickets and simultaneously tracks your members’ activities in a more complete way.
  4. Built in member directories, job boards, forms, classified ads, shopping carts, and announcement boards. MembershipWorks customers can easily add many additional features to their website, all of which can can generate additional non-dues revenue. Not only do these features promote member engagement, they also provide additional insights. Each member in the system has a timeline that notes their activities across the platform.
  5. Get up and running more quickly. Rather than searching for integrations to add features to their website, customers who choose MembershipWorks can simply copy and paste code snippets or shortcodes to add an event calendar, member directory, forms, and more. All-in-one membership software like MembershipWorks reduces the need to troubleshoot and creates peace of mind. You don’t have to worry about integrations that could be difficult to establish or stop working. Support for MembershipWorks features is all in one spot as well.
  6. Avoid integration expenses. It’s important to ascertain the true cost of any membership management software before purchase. MemberSpace customers who want to connect software like MailChimp and Quickbooks will also need to buy a subscription to Zapier. Other integrations such as Community Box have their own cost. With MembershipWorks having many features and integration connections built in, you can avoid these extra expenses.
  7. More payment gateway choices. MembershipWorks customers can choose from Stripe,, PayPal Pro, or PayPal Checkout. MemberSpace customers may only work with Stripe.


MembershipWorks vs. MemberSpace Comparison Chart
MembershipWorks MemberSpace
Price per month starts at $0; paid plans start at $35 $0; paid plans start at $49
Setup Fee $0 $0
Additional per-transaction charges (beyond payment gateway fees) $0 5%
Member Only Content Yes Yes
Directory Yes No
Event Calendar / Registration Yes No
Classifieds Yes No
Job Board Yes No
Announcement Board or Forum Yes No
Donations (aside from memberships that are donations) Yes No
Shopping Cart Yes No
CMS compatibility WordPress, Weebly, Squarespace, Wix, Duda, WithoutCode, Drupal, Joomla, Spacecraft, HTML5 sites WordPress, Squarespace, Weebly, Wix, Duda, Webflow, Notion, Hubspot CMS, Carrd, ShowIt, Custom HTML
Key Integrations MailChimp, Quickbooks Online and Desktop, Xero Zapier, Community Box, Circle, Rewardful, Muut, API
Payment Gateways Stripe,, PayPal Stripe
Support Phone, email, live screen share training Email, 1 hour group support calls 2x/week
Admin seats on paid plans Unlimited Unlimited

Note that pricing and features may change from the information we have gathered here. Providers regularly evolve their product offerings and price points.

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