Why MembershipWorks is a Better MemberClicks Alternative

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MembershipWorks vs. MemberClicks

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Looking for a MemberClicks Alternative?

MembershipWorks and MemberClicks both serve associations and chambers of commerce with association management software. While MemberClicks is known for its list of feature offerings, its entry-level price is more than 10 times the cost of the cheapest paid plan with MembershipWorks.

A Detailed Comparison of MembershipWorks vs. MemberClicks

  1. Cheaper pricing. MembershipWorks offers a great association management software at a highly competitive price. The entry-level paid plan with MembershipWorks runs $420 annually while the minimum investment with MemberClicks is $4500 per year. In addition, you will incur a minimum of $3500 in setup fees with MemberClicks whereas MembershipWorks does not charge a setup fee or for training.
  2. Keep your website. With MembershipWorks, many associations and chambers won’t need to change website platforms. MembershipWorks is built to integrate easily and seamlessly on a variety of compatible website builders including WordPress, Squarespace, Weebly, Wix, Duda, and more. No coding skills are required to add features like the join form, calendar, and directory. You can add features to your association website with simple copying and pasting. With MemberClicks, you have to use their website builder or pay a developer and/or MemberClicks to create your integration. Considerations with MemberClicks integration:
    • The cost of integrating with MemberClicks will need to be factored into the total cost of ownership.
    • If you use your own developer to create the integration, MemberClicks will not support it.
    • If you decide to build a new site with MemberClicks, your implementation timeframe will be longer than with MembershipWorks.
    • If you use the MemberClicks website builder, those who manage your website will need to learn it (and also a new membership system if they are involved in membership management).
  3. Design flexibility. Because MembershipWorks integrates with many web builders, your association can opt to move to a different compatible website builder at any point without impacting your membership management system or AMS. Once you are using MemberClicks and its custom content management system (CMS), moving to a different website builder will be difficult.
  4. Unlimited admins at no extra cost. All paid plans with MembershipWorks include the ability to add secondary administrators at no extra cost. In addition, anyone from your association or chamber staff can reach out to MembershipWorks support. This helps you resolve problems more quickly than having to channel support requests through those you have designated to have access. MemberClicks allows you a limited number of admins to access support and charges fees if you want more.
  5. No revenue sharing on your job board. MemberClicks either charges you a flat fee or makes money off fees you take in with your job board. MembershipWorks offers the job board at no extra charge to all paid plans and has no revenue sharing, so any fees you charge are yours to keep (aside from credit card processing fees charged by your payment gateway).
  6. Free, unlimited phone support and live screen share training. Even customers on MembershipWorks’ free plan have unlimited free access to phone, email, and live screen share training. In addition, MembershipWorks training just focuses on your account — saving you time and helping you arrive at a solution quickly. And unlike MemberClicks, you also don’t have to pay for training or wait for a group training event to be available.


MembershipWorks vs. MemberClicks Comparison Chart
MembershipWorks MemberClicks
Price per month starts at $0; paid plans start at $35 starts at $375
Setup Fee $0 starts at $3000
Additional per-transaction charges (beyond payment gateway fees) $0
Member Only Content Yes Yes
Directory Yes Yes
Event Calendar / Registration Yes Yes
Classifieds Yes No
Job Board Yes Yes, but with revenue sharing
Announcement Board or Forum Yes Yes
Donations (aside from memberships that are donations) Yes Yes
Shopping Cart Yes Yes
CMS compatibility WordPress, Weebly, Squarespace, Wix, Duda, WithoutCode, Drupal, Joomla, Spacecraft, HTML5 sites Requires their custom CMS or paid help to integrate (+ associated fees)
Key Integrations MailChimp, Quickbooks Online and Desktop, Xero Higher Logic, Hubspot, Salesforce, Learning Management System
Payment Gateways Stripe,, PayPal, Bambora, CardPointe, PayPal
Support Free phone, email, and live one-on-one screen share training Email, phone, forum; paid group training
Admin seats on paid plans Unlimited 2; additional admins are $15/mo each


Note that pricing and features may change from the information we have gathered here. Providers regularly evolve their product offerings and price points.

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